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NFT - Non Fungible Token

"Flooding Cascades "  

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Weeping Rock Waterfall NFT

Weeping Rock Waterfall NFT

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"Weeping Rock" NFT: Bought by a collector, now for re-sale 

NFTs are digital art that people can buy, trade, or sell. It’s an exciting new field for “editions” of an artwork, a bit like printmaking.

I’m taking my traditional paintings, adding a few subtle animations, and up-loading the movie as a Non-Fungible Token.

My NFTs are single editions. Only one copy is available. 

My first NFT sold for $200 and is now being resold with a price of $3000+. The opportunity to make a profit for the Collector is real, and the 10% royalty that goes to the artist for each transaction is also welcome.

These are for sale: click the link to see them on Rarible or Opensea.

My public address is: 0x65410f8632C128224fC3e5a6dfE922705c9aB6Fb

HOW TO CREATE NFTs: on my blog. scroll back to Feb 28, 2022

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